Foreign affairs

Social reengineering in the name of security in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region


By Michael Clarke

Note: This article appeared in the Asia Institute's Melbourne Asia Review on September 7 2023.

Behind the ‘Red Curtain’: Decoding China’s institutional logics


By Marina Zhang

Note: This article appeared in Pearls and Irritations, a public affairs blog, on August 28 2023.

Over the past three decades, Australia’s economic growth owes much to China’s voracious demand for natural resources. However, beneath this symbiotic economic relationship lies a complex web of political and geostrategic considerations.

Australia-China monthly wrap-up: July 2023


By Elena Collinson and Corey Lee Bell


Key points

- Foreign Minister Penny Wong meets with Director of the Chinese Communist Party Central Commission for Foreign Affairs Wang Yi; the PRC side offers a more optimistic assessment of the relationship than the Australian side, stating that relations have ‘stabilised, improved and developed’

Academic freedom needs protection from all stripes — not just China


By Wanning Sun

Note: This article appeared in Crikey on August 23 2023.

Iran’s lithium lode: A potential strategic game-changer


By Marina Zhang

Note: This article appeared in the Lowy Institute’s blog, The Interpreter, on August 9 2023.

What Albanese could seek to achieve in China visit


By James Laurenceson

Note: This article appeared in the East Asia Forum on August 3 2023.

Australian foreign policy is traditionally hitched to the US – but the rise of China requires a middle path for a middle power


By Mark Beeson

Note: This article appeared in The Conversation on August 1 2023.

Few nation-states have been shaped by their underlying physical geography and location in the world quite as much as Australia.

Australia-China monthly wrap-up: June 2023


Australia’s natural gas security policy spills over the region


By Xunpeng Shi and Edward Sung

Note: This article appeared in East Asia Forum on July 20 2023.

Perspectives | Australian public opinion on the PRC: Complexities, contradictions and lessons for policymakers


Perspectives is UTS:ACRI's commentary series, featuring a piece on a topical subject in the Australia-China relationship from an invited expert contributor. 

By Yun Jiang