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PERSPECTIVES | What a virus teaches us about China-US relations


Australia-China monthly wrap-up: February 2020


Australia stands with the US (most of the time)


By James Laurenceson

Note: This article appeared in the Australian Institute of International Affairs’ blog, Australian Outlook, on February 28 2020.

Australia-China: a series of reflections


Note: ‘Australia-China: a series of reflections’ was originally published in December 2019 as the Pearls and Irritations China Series. Pearls and Irritations is a public policy blog founded and managed by John Menadue AO, who has had a distinguished career in the private sector and in the Australian Public Service.


There's more to China debate than lackeys versus stooges


By James Laurenceson

Note: This article appeared in the print edition of The Australian Financial Review on February 20 2020.

In the debate about how Australia should manage China relations, whose side are you on? Washington’s or Beijing’s? This, in essence, is the way that many contributions, involving commentary, research and events, quickly get framed.

Australia and the economic impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak


By James Laurenceson


The rampant spread of the COVID-19 virus has caused alarm not only in terms of the health consequences but potential economic impact. This UTS:ACRI brief investigates these developments to date.

The time profile of the COVID-19 shock

James Laurenceson in Australian Foreign Affairs - February 2020


Professor James Laurenceson wrote a response to 'High price: Inside the Chinese student boom', an essay by Margaret Simons, journalist, author and Associate Professor at Monash University, that was published in the February 2020 edition of Australian Foreign Affairs magazine. 

Read here.

An Australian foreign correspondent in China: In conversation with Kirsty Needham


As the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has transformed, so too has the environment for foreign correspondents operating in-country. And as controls on information availability tighten and censorship increases, reporting by foreign journalists becomes more challenging – and more important. 

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Is China telling us everything it knows about coronavirus?


By Elena Collinson and James Laurenceson

Note: This article appeared in Network 10’s 10 daily on February 10 2020.

PERSPECTIVES | Australia-China: the year ahead


By Geoff Raby

Civil emergencies have marked the start of the New Year for both Canberra and Beijing. Each in its own way is likely to have some implications for foreign policy and how the bilateral relationship is managed.

The challenge for both sides in 2020 is whether some concrete progress will be made back towards a more normal relationship. At the start of the year, the prospects are not encouraging.