Research reports

Whitlam and China


Although Australia and China’s bilateral relations were formally established in 1972, Gough Whitlam initiated the process in 1971 as Opposition Leader. Mr Whitlam gathered a team and journeyed to China to be the first Australian delegation received by Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai.

It was a political risk in the face of staunch anti-Communist sentiments and the McMahon Government’s unwillingness to recognise China, ut Gough Whitlam had the foresight to envision the mutual benefits that would ensue.

Conflict in the East China Sea: Would ANZUS Apply?


This paper starts from the premise that insufficient attention has been given to the potential ramifications for Australia of conflict in the East China Sea, particularly in terms of whether Australia’s alliance obligations with the United States could embroil Canberra in a conflict. The paper is motivated in part by Defence Minister Johnston’s June 2014 remarks stating that the ANZUS alliance would not commit Australia to a conflict where the US had sent forces to support Japan.