US-China relations and East Asian politics - with Xie Tao

Guest: Xie Tao, Professor of Political Science, School of English and International Studies, Beijing Foreign Studies University

Host: Bob Carr, Director, Australia-China Relations Institute (ACRI), University of Technology Sydney

How do the US public and policymakers view the military and economic dimensions of China’s rise? What effects do the collective memory of the Sino-Japanese War and the ‘century of humiliation’ have on China’s foreign policy?

Xie Tao joins Bob Carr to discuss the US-China relationship and East Asian politics. Xie Tao also offers his thoughts on China's perceptions of the Australian government’s apparently more negative statements on China in recent months.

Public opinion polls demonstrate that Americans increasingly view China as both an economic and military threat. This contrasts with views of US political elites, who are half as likely to feel threatened by China.

There are diverse views within China’s foreign affairs establishment and academia about how China should deal with North Korea. Australia gets very little media coverage in China compared with the US, Japan and India. However, the Chinese public has a favourable view of Australia.

Theme music by Sam J Mitchell.

August 18 2017