Roundtable: the future of Australia-China relations

December 10 2020

The Australia-China Relations Institute at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS:ACRI) in partnership with the Institute for a Community with Shared Future (ICSF) at the Communication University of China (CUC) hosted two roundtable discussions in which Australian and Chinese academics exchanged views on the current state and future trajectory of relations between Australia and the People's Republic of China (PRC), with a particular focus on the recent signing of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) and what that might mean for the bilateral relationship, and the role of media and think tanks in Australia-PRC relationship building.

Professor James Laurenceson, Director of UTS:ACRI and Professor Li Huailiang, Dean of ICSF opened the discussions.

Read Professor Laurenceson's opening remarks.


Discussion one: ‘RCEP and Australia-PRC relations’

- Dr Lai Ha Chan, Senior Lecturer, Social and Political Sciences Program, School of Communication, UTS

- Dr Diane (Dan) Hu, Assistant Professor and Deputy Director, Australian Studies Centre, BFSU


Discussion two: ‘Think tanks and media in Australia-PRC relationship building’

- Dr Dianlin Huang, Associate Professor, Institute of Communications Studies. Communication University of China 

- Professor Chen Hong, Director, Australian Studies Centre, East China Normal University

- Professor Michael Keane, Professor, School of Media, Creative Arts and Social Inquiry, Curtin University

- Professor Greg McCarthy, Adjunct Professor, UTS:ACRI

- Professor Liu Qing, Deputy Director, China Institute of International Studies

Event Information
December 10 2020
1:00 PM
Webinar (online-only)