Professor Greg Austin

Professor Greg Austin is an Adjunct Professor at the Australia-China Relations Institute, University of Technology Sydney.

Professor Austin is recognised internationally as a leading researcher on China’s cyber policy, with two books and numerous articles on that subject since 2014, including work on Australia-China cyber relations. He has also published on China’s strategic policy more broadly beginning in 1997, most notably in Taiwan Strait security affairs, Japan-China relations, and China’s maritime frontier. He has held senior roles in academia, think tanks, and NGOs in Europe and Australia. He has held academic appointments at the Australian National University, King’s College London, and most recently at UNSW Canberra as a Professor from 2016-2021. He also served for three and a half years as Programme Head for Cyber Power and Future Conflict at the International Institute for Strategic Studies (2019-2023). He is a member of the Advisory Board of the Global Foundation for Cyber Studies and Research and has served as a member of the Cyber Security Advisory Council of the New South Wales government.