China Masterclass 2019

August 16 2019

The Australia-China Relations Institute at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS:ACRI) hosted a highly interactive one-day masterclass presented by Australia’s leading China experts for senior executives of industry.

The UTS:ACRI China Masterclass was in response to the vital need of industry leaders to gain a deeper understanding of today’s China - its economy, politics, foreign policy, including a rapidly expanding strategic rivalry with the US - and how this translated in Australia.

Full program and list of participants available here.

Speakers explored the following topics:

35 years working in China, learning how to think about it…

China is too important to ignore. How can the vision of enormous opportunity be reconciled to prodigious risk? How can a well-developed understanding of the context in which China’s business environment exists support good strategic and commercial decision-making? What assumptions do Western business leaders typically hold and how do these views influence effective decision-making with respect to China opportunities? 

Speaker: Clinton Dines, former President of BHP Billiton China

Australia’s China Opportunity 

Despite tensions in the political relationship, Australia’s economic relationship with China has never been stronger. What explains this resilience, particularly given the end of the mining boom, Chinese growth having slowed to its slowest pace in 30 years and a worsening US-China trade dispute? Will this resilience persist? 

Speaker: Professor James Laurenceson, Acting Director, Australia-China Relations Institute, University of Technology Sydney

China’s business environment on the ground in 2019 

China’s economic and regulatory environment is rapidly evolving. How can corporate Australia realise its full potential in this market? How do common perceptions measure up against the reality of doing business in China? How can we improve on promoting Australia’s capabilities to China?

Speaker: Tim Beresford, Deputy CEO, Austrade

A high level briefing on Australia’s security challenges 

ASIO director-general Duncan Lewis has repeatedly warned that untoward foreign interference is at an “unprecedented” level. What are the security challenges Australia is facing and how are key decisions towards China being made? What are the facts and evidence that underpin these decisions and how can understanding the government’s concerns help inform the risk management strategies of Australian business leaders?

Speakers: Elly Lawson, First Assistant Secretary, North Asia Division, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 

Cameron Ashe, Deputy Countering Foreign Interference Coordinator, Department of Home Affairs 

Lucinda Atkinson, Assistant Secretary, Attorney-General's Department 

Australia’s China Challenge 

Under President Xi Jinping the challenges China presents to Australia have multiplied. What are the major sources of tension? Is the scope for mutually beneficial engagement shrinking? 

Speaker: Professor Greg McCarthy, former BHP Billiton Chair of Australian Studies at Peking University

The Chinese corporate perspective on investing in Australia 

What is the Chinese corporate perspective on investing in Australia and how does it fit into their global strategy? Where do they see opportunities for collaboration and what are their concerns and outlook for the future? Are perspectives shifting given the current geopolitical environment?

Speaker: Dr Wei Li, University of Sydney Business School

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Event Information
August 16 2019
8:30 AM
UTS Business School
14-28 Ultimo Road
Ultimo NSW 2007