For Labor, AUKUS could trigger a warning shot from Chinese-Australian voters


By Wanning Sun

Note: This article appeared in Crikey on September 12 2023.

The US navy is still more powerful than China’s: More so than the Australian government is letting on


By Greg Austin

Note: This article appeared in The Conversation on August 18 2023.

Australia’s deterrence dichotomy


By Michael Clarke

Note: This article appeared in The Diplomat on June 10 2023.

Cyber impacts on the US/PRC military balance | WEBINAR


Scholarly debate on the prospects for war and peace between the US and the People’s Republic of China (PRC) often refer to the visible military build-up. The Australian government has published the view, from its Defence Strategic Review, that ‘China's military build-up is now the largest and most ambitious of any country since the end of the Second World War’.

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No Biden. So how relevant is the Quad?


By James Laurenceson

Note: This article appeared in 360info on May 17 2023. It was republished in The Canberra Times on May 21 2023.

Deterring China isn’t all about submarines. Australia’s ‘cyber offence’ might be its most potent weapon


By Greg Austin

Note: This article appeared in The Conversation on May 4 2023.

Australia doesn’t need to wait ten or 20 years for its new submarines, or for long-range missiles, to project effective military power against China.

Perspectives | The Defence Strategic Review: What about commerce warfare?


Prospects for an Australian defence industry fund


By Corey Lee Bell

Note: This article appeared in The Diplomat on April 22 2023.

Aukus isn’t enough to secure the region’s prosperity – there is still much more work to be done


By James Laurenceson

Note: This article appeared in The Guardian on March 18 2023.

Housing B-52s: Ramifications for Australia-China relations


By Corey Lee Bell and Elena Collinson

Note: This article appeared in the Australian Institute of International Affairs’ blog, Australian Outlook, on November 2 2022.