Chinese politics

Xi Jinping: Prince or party man?


By Michael Clarke

Note: This article appeared in The Diplomat on November 4 2022.

Could China save the world?


By Mark Beeson

Note: This article appeared in the Lowy Institute’s blog, The Interpreter, on October 17 2022.

Executing China’s ‘Transition: Impossible’


By Xing Zhang, Muyi Yang and Xunpeng Shi

Note: This article appeared in the Asia & the Pacific Policy Society at the Australian National University’s blog, Policy Forum, on October 14 2022.

China’s energy companies are all aboard the global clean power bullet train.

To end power crunches, China must rebuild its electricity grid around clean energy


By Muyi Yang, Xing Zhang and Xunpeng Shi

Note: This article appeared in the South China Morning Post on September 14 2022.

The realist underpinnings of China’s Taiwan strategy


By Corey Lee Bell

Note: This article appeared in The Diplomat on August 13 2022.

China’s aggressive response to U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei has prompted criticism, and no small measure of alarm, both within and beyond the region.

China’s changing climate action roadmap


By Xunpeng Shi

Note: This article appeared in East Asia Forum on May 11 2022.

China’s path to decarbonisation


By Muyi Yang and Xunpeng Shi

Note: This article appeared in the Asia & the Pacific Policy Society at the Australian National University’s blog, Policy Forum, on April 11 2022.

'The Xinjiang Emergency' – in conversation with Michael Clarke | WEBINAR


The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region is the site of the largest mass repression of an ethnic and/or religious minority in the world today with researchers estimating that at least one million people have been detained there at some point without trial since 2016. Meanwhile, outside of these detention centres more than ten million Turkic Muslim minorities are subjected to a network of high-tech surveillance systems, checkpoints and interpersonal monitoring.

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8:05 AM

Perspectives | The PRC's year ahead


Perspectives is UTS:ACRI's monthly commentary series, featuring a piece on a topical subject in the Australia-China relationship from an invited expert contributor. 

By Rowan Callick

The contradictions of the PRC’s leadership ambitions


By Mark Beeson

Note: An edited version of this article appeared in The Canberra Times on November 18 2021.